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Strawberry Trip 2022

On Wednesday 4th of May 2022.
We went with our lovely adventurers as we planned under a trip name:
Strawberry Trip 2022

- We went to Cengiz Topel Monument, and we took memorable photos by our great photographers.
- Our next station was the Vouni Palace and the Soli ruins.
- We went to Yeşilırmak Village and enjoyed the delight of picking strawberries.
- Discovered Yeşilırmak Village and enjoy the nature of the island.
- We stopped on Limnidi (Yeşilırmak), and had Lunch then Danced on the tunes of DJ Zen.
- We went back home after a full day of joy. Around 19:30
- On the next day morning. Bright Side Cyprus Team gathered again to prepair for the next trip! For the next Trips publications follow us on our social media links below:

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"Strawberry Trip 2022"

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